How To Fix A Door Lock Cylinder Loose Or Damaged

Problems with the door lock cylinder are a number of the so much traditional motives for door-lock-related problems. The cylinder is the seat of your door’s locking mechanism, so any issues with it is a major inconvenience, or worse, a security loophole.

So how can you repair a door lock cylinder? To repair a door lock cylinder, you would like to, first of all, examine the problem. If the lock cylinder is unfastened and turning, you could fix it by doing the following:

  1. Remove the lock faceplate.
  2. Disassemble the lock to view the location of screws.
  3. Tighten the set screws.

If the door lock cylinder is wrongly damaged, it could be time to get a brand new one (or look for alternative the right way to lock a door). The rest of the item will exhibit a way to change your door lock cylinder and whilst to call in a locksmith. First, here’s a deeper look at the aspects above.

How to Repair a Loose Door Lock Cylinder

Inserting your key into your door ought to let you lock and free up your door with ease.

However, if the door lock cylinder is loose, you’ll meet little to no resistance if you are enforcing the locking or unlocking mechanism. This implies that the set screws are either damaged or loose. The benefit of changing this predicament is dependent on the type of lock in the cylinder.

If you’ve a lock that is a mix of mortise locks and deadbolts, the method probably somewhat more complicated.

Even when you have a complicated lock, you shouldn’t ignore your loose lock cylinder. It may make the locking and unlocking technique harder than it should be. This suggests there’ll be some days while you will be pressured to go away your door open, or danger being stranded outside your home.

To repair the problem, you should gain access to the set screw and tighten it. Here’s how to do that.

1. Remove the Lock Faceplate

To fix the free door lock cylinder, you need entry to the set screws maintaining the cylinder within the lock. In many cases, eliminating the faceplate is enough, yet in some cases, you may ought to remove components of the lock from the door.

2. Disassemble the Lock to View the Placement of the Screws

You ought to disassemble the lock to see how the set screws are positioned.

Different lock versions will have them positioned in different ways. Rim locks, for example, will position the set screws in the sort of way you can access them effortlessly when you pop out the outer case.

In a mortise lockset, at the different hand, you’ll simply be able to attain the set screws after you’ve removed the faceplate.

3. Tighten the Set Screws

Once you’ve discovered the set screws, tighten them with the correct screwdriver, and go back the faceplate to its usual position.

If you find any damaged or rusted screws, get them replaced. If you choose to head with in basic terms the working screws, you may discover yourself repeating this strategy in some weeks.

Once you’re accomplished tightening the screws, near the faceplate and test the lock to determine if the cylinder is tight enough.

However, if you find out that your door lock cylinder is broken beyond repair, it is time that you can set up a brand new one. How are you able to do this?

Changing a Damaged Door Lock Cylinder

Here’s how you may difference a broken door lock cylinder in your own.

Take Out the Historical Cylinder

To do this, you have to unscrew the most lock screws. You can uncover them just below and above the latch.

Once the screws are out, push the cylinder out of the lock. If you’re finding it hard to push out the screw, insert the key into the lock and switch it in any path before pushing out the cylinder.

Get the Size of the Cylinder

This is how you will understand the exact type of cylinder to buy. Use your tape to measure from the center of the cylinder to the right, and back to the left. The typical measurement you’ll get is 30-30, which is 30mm from the middle of the cylinder to the left, and 30mm from the center to the right.

Buy a New Cylinder Using Your Measurements

You can find your ideal door lock cylinder in domestic improvement stores. A few of the popular manufacturers you’ll find effortlessly include:

Don’t overlook to select an selection that matches your desired security level. A safety cylinder is more durable to replicate by a third party in comparison to a standard cylinder.

If you can’t get the size of your cylinder, you’ve gotten to purchase a alternative at your regional hardware store. Take the cylinder while going to the shop to find the right match.

Install the New Cylinder

Once you’re all set to install the recent cylinder, you can do so by means of following those steps:

  1. Insert the most important within your cylinder and switch it slightly to the left or correct to make sure the provider is aligned with the cylinder.
  2. Then vicinity the cylinder contained in the lock.
  3. Turn with the most important to make sure the locking and unlocking mechanisms paintings as they should.
  4. If you find that the lock has some rust in it, think about utilizing a lock spray to make sure there is no friction.
  5. Once you are satisfied, vicinity the main screw conserving the faceplate in its correct position and tighten it.

When Should You Call a Locksmith to Repair a Door Lock Cylinder?

Technical DIY is not for everyone. If the methods described above look overwhelming, you should probably name in a locksmith. Listed here are some valid the reason why you should allow a locksmith to fix your door lock cylinder instead of going it alone:

  • You don’t have the right tools. No matter if you have anything like this Kits Lock Fix Set, it may not be sufficient to get the job done. A professional locksmith can have each of the right tools to get the activity done.
  • You can’t find the time for the task. Door problems tend to ensue at the worst possible times. If you’re already dressed for work before your door cylinder broke loose, for example, you’ll in all probability not have the time for a repair. You may call a locksmith you could believe to get the job carried out if you are away at work.
  • Your door lock is just too complicated. The information above can paintings with the cylinders in most ordinary door locks. However, if your door lock is nothing just like the descriptions, think about calling in a locksmith to get the task done.
  • You desire to get a professional opinion. Calling in a locksmith can end up saving you funds in the long run. That damage you previously suggestion is sufficient rationale to switch your complete lock may be constant with a few sprays of graphite. So, a professional opinion may also help make the right decision concerning the approach to take.
  • You need additional sets of keys. If you wish more keys for your lock after installation the hot cylinder, such a lot professional locksmiths can produce them on the spot. Apart from saving you the vacation to a shop, a number of them will provide a reduction in the event that they have been reduced in size for the door lock cylinder repair or replacement.


Fixing a door lock cylinder is straightforward so long as you recognize the problem, and have the correct equipment to paintings at the lock. If you don’t have the right screwdrivers, and different necessary equipment, don’t take at the process as you can cause further damage to your lock.

Don’t hesitate to name in a professional if you can’t get the activity accomplished adequately in one attempt.

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