How Long Do Command Strips Last

Hanging decorative or convenient items with no need to drill your walls sounds like a superb idea, doesn’t it? Well, you’ll feel free to grasp you can effortlessly do it with assistance from some command strips. Putting them up doesn’t require any tools and the method is instead intuitive.

Even if you decide to take these objects later on, the strips will come off easily and will trigger no damage to your walls. That’s right; there will be no nail holes, cracked plaster, or sticky leftovers for you to fix. Yet are command strips a well alternative to nails and how lengthy do they last?

If you ask command strip manufacturers, they claim that their product can final so long as you wish it to, on condition that you’ve determined the given directions. But that doesn’t genuinely say much, does it? Usually speaking, such a lot command strips have been designed to last indefinitely — although some years would sound more realistic.

The Fact At the back of the Loss of Stickiness

If you probably did any study into this topic before, you possibly noticed a number of customer reports that pronounced the strips weren’t sticky enough. As you can maybe imagine, the loss of stickiness in command strips can be a huge problem. After all, it such a lot usually leads to steeply-priced frames and footage falling off the wall and getting damaged.

However, the manufacturers usually explain it with the clients’ failure to follow the instructions such as:

Attaching Command Strips to Irrelevant Surfaces

Command strips adhere to many surfaces, but no longer all of them. For example, you can placed them on soft surfaces including painted, stained, or varnished wood, tiles, glass, plaster, or metal. However, ensure you don’t stick command strips on freshly painted surfaces. Look ahead to it to get dry enough before you do so.

Not Cleaning the Partitions Earlier than Attaching the Command Strips

Make certain to remove any dirt and debris from the wall with rubbing alcohol before attempting to practice the command strips. In case you don’t do it, the chances are high that the strips will fall off the wall presently after being attached.

Hanging Oversized or Overweight Objects

Exceeding the recommended weight is probably the most typical motives command strips come off any surface. So ensure the gadgets you desire to hold aren’t too heavy.

Not Leaving Sufficient Time for Strips to Follow the Surface

Being impatient and now not leaving the time necessary for the adhesive to dry before attaching the specified item at the hook could bring about a fallen object or even paint damage.

How Lengthy Will Command Strips Final if You Follow the Instructions?

In perfect conditions, the command strips ought to final you a few years at least. However, there’s nonetheless a slim opportunity of the strips wasting their stickiness. To prevent it, attempt to maintain steady room temperature and moisture levels.

Provided that you do every little thing correct — clean the wall first, use the appropriate variety of strips, practice pressure earlier than hanging, track the suggested weight — you’ll substantially reduce the risk of strips detaching from the wall.

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