How To Return Amazon Item

Returning an item to Amazon can be a hassle-free process if you know the steps to follow. In this article, we will guide you through the process of returning an Amazon item. Whether you received a damaged item, wrong item, or you simply changed your mind, we’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Check Amazon’s Return Policy

Before initiating a return, it’s essential to check Amazon’s return policy. The policy can vary based on the item you purchased, the seller, and the reason for the return. You can find the return policy by going to the product page or your order history. Ensure that your return reason is eligible for a return according to the policy.

Step 2: Initiate the Return

To initiate a return, go to your orders page and select the item you want to return. On the right-hand side, click on the “return or replace items” button. Follow the prompts and select the reason for the return. You’ll have to choose whether you want a replacement, refund, or exchange.

Step 3: Prepare the Item for Return

After initiating the return, Amazon will provide you with a return label. Print the label and attach it to the outside of the package. Ensure that the item is in its original packaging, with all accessories and manuals included.

Step 4: Ship the Item

Once you’ve prepared the item for return, drop it off at a shipping carrier or an Amazon drop-off location. Remember to keep the shipping receipt for your records.

Step 5: Track the Return

After shipping the item, you can track the return on your orders page. Amazon will notify you once they receive the item and issue a refund or replacement.


What is Amazon’s Return Policy?

Amazon’s return policy varies depending on the item, seller, and reason for the return. Check the product page or your order history to review the policy.

How Long Do I Have to Return an Item to Amazon?

The return window varies depending on the item and seller. Generally, you have 30 days to initiate a return.

Can I Return an Item Without the Original Packaging?

It’s best to return the item in its original packaging. However, if the packaging is not available, ensure that the item is well-packaged and protected during shipping.

Who Pays for Return Shipping?

The party responsible for return shipping depends on the reason for the return. If the return is due to an Amazon error or a defective item, Amazon will provide a prepaid label. If the return is due to a change of mind or a non-defective item, the buyer is responsible for return shipping.


Returning an Amazon item can be a straightforward process if you follow the steps outlined above. Ensure that you check the return policy, initiate the return, prepare the item for return, ship the item, and track the return. By doing so, you’ll have a hassle-free return experience.