What happened to the girl who died in the freezer?


September 10, 2017

Subsequently, query is, what happened to Kenneka Jenkins video? Surveillance video later published with the aid of police showed Jenkins stumbling alone in the course of the hotel’s hallways, ending up in a little-used kitchen and rounding a nook wherein a walk-in freezer changed into kept. The footage, taken through a motion-activated camera, confirmed nobody else in that area until her physique become discovered 20 hours later.

Also Know, wherein did Kenneka Jenkins die at?

Crowne Plaza Chicago Ohare Lodge & Conf Ctr, Rosemont, Illinois, United States

What turned into Kenneka Jenkins blood alcohol level?

The autopsy file found no unlawful drugs in Jenkins’ system, yet her blood alcohol level changed into discovered to be 0.112, above the legal driving limit.

What channel is the Kenneka Jenkins story coming on?

The most desirable episode, “Tragic Twist of fate or Calculated Murder,” looks into the loss of life of Kenneka Jenkins and could simulcast on both MTV & VH1 Wednesday, January 8 at 9/8c.