What does Rat Kiley symbolize?


A week after his friend is killed, Rat Kiley writes a letter to the friend’s sister, explaining what a hero her brother become and what sort of he cherished him. Two months pass, and the sister certainly not writes back. He makes use of Kiley’s actions to illustrate of the amorality of war stories.

Also, why does Rat Kiley shoot himself in the foot? In the end, Kiley comes to a decision to present himself a minor wound instead of facing the call of killing or being killed. The Alpha Company’s reaction to Kiley’s capturing himself in the foot is in keeping with its response to death: to those men, refusal to serve is as undesirable as dying itself.

Additionally asked, what story does Rat Kiley tell?

O’Brien offers a tale approximately Rat Kiley that he assures his readers is true: Rat’s friend, Curt Lemon, is killed, and Rat writes Lemon’s sister a letter. Rat’s letter talks about her brother and the loopy stunts he attempted. Rat believes the letter is poignant and personal; however, from Lemon’s sister’s viewpoint, it

Why does Rat Kiley exaggerate his stories?

O’Brien remembers a story of Rat Kiley’s. He explains that Rat exaggerates not due to the fact he desires to deceive, but because he wants listeners to almost believe the story in order that it seems more real. Rat had been assigned to a clinical detachment close Tra Bong in an area the medics shared with six Green Berets.

What things did Rat Kiley carry?

In the first chapter, O’Brien describes the various gadgets that the contributors of Alpha Company hold which includes them as a manner of unveiling the burdens (physical, mental, and emotional) that every soldier carries. Rat Kiley, for example, contains malaria tablets, morphine to ease the wounded’s pain, and supplies to treat

How did Rat Kiley change?

The conflict changes Rat Kiley completely; it takes away his innocence because it does with any other men. At first, Rat’s quite a happy-go-lucky sort of guy. He does not quite entirely recognize the seriousness of war and the horrors it entails.

Why did Rat Kiley M&Ms?

Medics in Vietnam, and this happened in previous wars, routinely carried the sweet M&Ms in order to give a placebo to a soldier who turned into mortally wounded in the hope that the soldier could believe that he became going to take delivery of added lifesaving treatment.

Why does Rat Kiley nearly hug O Brien?

Knowing Rat Kiley’s personality, why does he hug O’Brien while he gets lifted off by way of the chopper? He hugs O’brian due to the fact he is so glad that he’s leaving war. Rat is a pleasant man that doesn’t like the war and what it includes and him hugging O’brian indicates us more of his dislike for war.

How do you inform a real warfare story?

You can inform a real conflict story by means of the questions you ask. Someone tells a story, let’s say, and in a while you ask, “Is it true?” and if the reply matters, you’ve got your answer. For example, we’ve all heard this one. Four men pass down a trail.

What does M&M stand for in the matters they carried?

As a soldier, though, he is good. Rat’s the medic, so he includes all the stuff that medics are supposed to carry, plus comedian books and M&Ms—you know, “for especially bad wounds” (The Things They Carried.

How is the things they carried a love story?

Some of the reports in the The Things They Carried are began because of love. Love is a significant piece in everyone’s life. Love gives the soldiers comfort and a sense of desire and home. Henry Dobbins warps his girlfriend’s pantyhose around his neck each time before he is going onto ambush.

What form of sweet does Rat Kiley carry?

Dave Jensen carried night-sight supplementations excessive in carotene. Lee Strunk carried his slingshot; ammo, he claimed, could not ever be a problem. Rat Kiley carried brandy and M&M’s candy. Till he become shot, Ted Lavender carried the starlight scope, which weighed 6.3 pounds with its aluminum carrying case.

Who turned into Rat Kiley’s finest friend?

Kiowa teaches Rat a rain dance. Rat’s finest buddy Curt Lemon dies, and he writes Lemon’s sister a letter explaining how much he loved him. The sister in no way writes back. After Lemon dies, Rat shoots up a baby buffalo.

When did Rat Kiley shoot himself in the foot?

TTTC Chapter 21 Questions Question Answer Why did the rest of the men within the platoon assist Rat whilst he shot himself? Because they knew what he became dealing with, and they were not far from doing a similar Why did Rat Kiley shoot himself in the foot? So he would get a discharge and go home

Who is the most person in The Matters They Carried?

Rat Kiley Norman Bowker Lieutenant Jimmy Cross Henry Dobbins Tim O’Brien

How does Tim O’Brien define truth?

Truth. For O’Brien, whatever is not real except it feels true. No matter if or not it correctly occurred is beside the point; something can even have occurred and now not be true.

What is Rat Kiley’s reputation?

What is Rat Kiley’s reputation among the men? He has the repute for. -exaggeration. -overstatement. -tendency compulsion to rev up the facts.

What form of storyteller is Rat Kiley?

Rat Kiley is the prototypical storyteller, always concerning something that occurred someplace else. He teaches “O’Brien” the power of the story.