Temporary Doors For Hallways 5 Ideas To Cover A Door Opening

Privacy is a necessary factor for persons in every residing situation, yet many people haven’t got the luxurious of enormous homes. However, with a bit of imagination and on an affordable budget, a brief door can be used to increase privacy on your home.

Temporary doors for hallways come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and levels of privacy. From simple ideas like beaded curtains, to extra powerful ideas like sliding barn doors, there’s a transitority door for each domestic and budget.

In this article, we are able to outline many of the reasons that people might desire to use a temporary door, in addition to the one of a kind patterns of barriers and their installation.

Why Use Transitority Doors in Hallways?

For many people, a short lived door in a hallway is a great, reasonably cheap way to improve privateness for the people in shared residing spaces.

It is also a superb preference for people that hire their houses, as landlords hardly ever allow for the addition of buildings like a door frame that would supply a extra permanent option to shared dwelling spaces. However, we will check out these types of extra elaborate options as well.


Many families stay in smaller residences than they may prefer, and as toddlers develop up, the gap they require and their needs for privateness extend as well. It is especially true as toddlers end up teenagers, as any father or mother will tell you.

For simply this reason, a brief door in the hallway is a superb concept for angsty teenagers that “need their space.”

There is one other fashion that has spurred father and mother to look into transitority doors as a means to enhance privacy.

According to the New York Times, 15% of People between the a long time of 25 and 35 reside with their parents. Within the year 2000, that variety was round 10%, when in 1981, merely an expected 8% of these same-aged adults lived with their parents.

The growing variety of adults relocating back in with their father and mother has caused an improved curiosity in transitority doors for privacy.

Shared Housing

Another demographic that can substantially make the most of temporary hallway doors are these men and women living in shared housing situations.

The number of Americans residing in shared housing is estimated at 25% of the inhabitants among the a while of 18 and 34. In large city centers, these numbers might be even higher: in line with a piece of writing in The Atlantic, nearly half of all adults in Los Angeles stay in some sort of shared housing with non-family contributors or spouses.

Temporary Doors Ideas

As we are able to see, the demand for temporary doorways is at a premium, so let’s take a look at some thoughts that quantity from easy to full-on DIY projects.

1. Beaded Curtains

These ornamental dividers are a good way to separate space with minimal effort, whilst simultaneously adding a distinct and tasty twist in your home’s decor.

Beaded curtains won large recognition within the Seventies and feature made a current comeback with dozens of options accessible from suppliers like Amazon and Alibaba. There’s even the ABeadedCurtain 125 String Louver Beaded Curtain that mimics the look of a precise door.

They don’t provide the same privacy point as many of the different ideas we can appear at, yet there’s no denying the style and charm of those special dividers, making them a simple and reasonably cheap alternative.


There are a few options for setting up beaded curtains in a hallway. The better one is to apply a telescoping rod like the Beokreu Telescoping Curtain Rod that makes use of springs to supply the strain that holds your beads in place. This is a good selection because those telescoping rods might be positioned wherever in a hallway; a door jamb is not required.

Simply expand the curtain rod till it is firmly wedged between either side of the door jamb and hang the beaded curtain from curtain hooks.

A tougher choice calls for an electrical drill to mount eye screws in the true of the door jamb, with the curtain rod itself suspended less than them with curtain hooks.

Use a pencil to mark the correct location, drill holes (2 should be enough), install eye screws, and fasten the curtain to the eye screws with curtain hooks.

Within a question of minutes, you will be admiring your chic new room divider.

2. Tapestries and Wall Hangings

Tapestries have lengthy had a place in the house decor of college students and recent graduates, but this inexpensive privateness solution might be just as useful in a household home.

Coming in an infinite kind of patterns and designs, a simple fabric divider may well be found for every motif. As soon as again, they won’t do a lot in terms of insulating opposed to sound, but hanging a tapestry at the front of a hallway is a good way to produce the feeling of separation that improves privacy.


The installation process of putting a tapestry is comparable to that of beaded curtains. It can be so simple as using a telescoping curtain rod or as problematic as installation brackets to form a more permanent and durable solution.

We ought to note, however, that it isn’t a good idea to place nails or screws instantly throughout the tapestry as this will depart you a torn piece of cloth which could eventually be ripped down by means of unruly children.

3. Privateness Screens

One step up from beaded curtains at the privacy continuum, those Japanese-style displays are a great way to increase privateness and improve the look of an condominium or home.

Originally those dividers have been created from wood frames with paper screens, despite the fact many modern editions often use artificial materials to cut down on costs and enhance durability.

While they obviously won’t insulate opposed to sound, these lightweight displays are simple to move, making them a good choice for residing instances wherein you don’t require more permanent privacy solutions. Privateness monitors are available in a range of styles, from the ancient Roundhill 4-Panel Screen Room Divider to the country Giantex 6 Panel Wooden Room Divider, so you’re sure to find the right style to match your house decor.


Besides being an elegant privateness solution, those screens require 0 setting up and might be relocated at the drop of a hat.

4. Vinyl Accordion Doors

These are an excellent preference that gives an added point of privacy and can even help reduce the sound that travels from one room to another. This style of door uses a hole middle design that reduces weight whilst retaining force and rigidity, making this perfect for family houses with children.

Unlike many of the earlier options, vinyl accordion doors require a body for installation, in order that they must be hung in a doorway, and now not at any factor in a hallway.

These doorways are somewhat dearer than a wall hanging, and they also require more attempt in installation, so we are able to take a closer inspect how you cling accordion doors in a hallway.


You will need:

  • Cordless drill
  • Tape measurer
  • Hack saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Lubricant

All screws and fasteners will be supplied with the door.

  1. Measure the width of the door frame.
  2. Use the hacksaw to chop the door track ⅛ inch narrower than the width of the door frame. This enables the track to pivot whilst setting up the door.
  3. Sand down the cut edges to get a gentle surface.
  4. Use the drill to put a gap in the midst of the end of the door body and then mount the door track at this location with a single screw. Your observe ought to be able to pivot perpendicular to the door body at the middle point, permitting entry to the rail.
  5. Lubricate the observe with graphite or petroleum jelly to make sure soft motion of the door.
  6. Attach the two handles to each side of the door with the fasteners provided.
  7. Carefully slide the top courses into the track.
  8. Turn the observe parallel to the door frame and install the remainder screws within the appropriate of the door frame.
  9. Slide the anchor element of the door to the sting of the door frame and mount it utilizing the drill and screws provided.
  10. Mark the location where the door touches the wall whilst closed with a pencil.
  11. Screw the striker plate to this location.

There are several YouTube video clips that offers a extra certain guide to installation as well. In this video, with the aid of LTL Home Products, a step-by-step guide on the way to appropriately set up LTL Domestic Products HZ3280H Horizon Indoors Folding Accordion Door:

5. Sliding Barn Doors

This is an option that starts offevolved to blur the traces among temporary and permanent; however, those specific limitations are a superb answer which will provide real privacy. While many people select to depart the installing of those doorways to a professional, with a few tools and slightly of know-how, you can hold sliding barn doors in your home yourself.

We will lay out a aid which will provide you with a good suggestion of the scope of the setting up procedure and no matter if you are feeling it’s a DIY task you may consider comfortable attempting. Many domestic development shops sell barn door kits with all the hardware and fasteners included, as well as having a large choice of doors to fit your domestic and decor.


You will want here tools:

  • Cordless drill
  • Tape measurer
  • Level
  • Stud-finder (optional)

You also will need here materials:

  • Pre-measured door
  • Track
  • Door hangers
  • Rollers
  • Door guides
  • Door stops
  • Jump stops
  • Spacers
  • Fasteners

Once again, all the required hardware and fasteners will be presented in a pre-packaged kit.

  1. The first step is to locate the studs above your door body that you will mount your hardware to. You can both use a stud-finder or the old fashioned tap-and-listen method.
  2. If the studs don’t line up with your hardware or just for more good construction, mount a woodblock as a header-board to the studs to which you then connect the rail. Don’t connect the rail instantly to drywall devoid of studs.
  3. Use your point to ensure that the woodblock is level, and mount it to the corresponding studs utilizing the electric drill and the presented fasteners.
  4. Once the header-board is attached, use the drill to mount the rail, making sure to keep it point as you proceed. This is likewise the step wherein you will vicinity the spacers among the rail and the wall to make sure that your door slides freely.
  5. Place your door against the jamb and measure the right distance from the rail to the tip of the door. Mark the location to mount your hanger-roller assemblies to the end of the door and pre-drill your holes. Just remember to use a bit of wooden to prop the door up off the floor so that while it is hung, it’s going to slide freely.
  6. Attach one hanger-roller assembly on both sides of the door, utilizing the level to make certain they’re even.
  7. At this point, you could hold your door at the rail to locate the right destinations on the ground to mount your door guide. This will additionally provde the possibility to envision how a long way you want your door to slip in either direction, so you recognize where to place the stops.
  8. On either end of the track, on the locations, you wish the door to stop, mount the hardware that forestalls the door from sliding off the rail while opening and closing.
  9. Mount the door guide on the ground able that keeps the door from swinging out and faraway from the wall while it is sliding, but doesn’t restrict the lateral movement of the door.

And similar to that, you’re done!

As you could see, this isn’t the simplest of installations, particularly when compared with many of the different transitority door ideas we have seemed at. However, it is some distance from impossible and is valued at the effort and time to tremendously improve your home privacy.

If you are feeling that a sliding barn door is the solution to your privacy issues and are up to the challenge, there are a selection of perfect how-to guides on Youtube that supply step-by-step directions that will make the process even easier, like this video below:


Everyone values their privacy, and with the growing numbers of Americans renting homes and living in shared spaces, temporary doors for hallways are the sole solution for many people.

However, as the exclusive styles of dividers we have tested demonstrate, just because it is a transitority answer doesn’t suggest it can’t be a stunning and efficient way to improve privateness in your home.