Can You Vacuum Glass How To Safely Clean Up Broken Glass

There are few sounds as heart-stopping as
glass shattering — especially if you’re at home. Even if the cat knocked over a
vase or the children threw a ball at the window, when glass breaks, you recognize you’re in for some main cleanup.

Aside from being traumatic to clean, broken glass is a safety hazard — it’s
important to handle it correct away. However, nobody likes deciding upon up glass
shards piece by means of piece, only to keep finding it for weeks after something

got to be a better way to clear up damaged glass
— how
about using your vacuum cleaner?

The solution to that query isn’t as clean as
you might hope. In short, whether or not
you can vacuum glass depends upon your vacuum cleaner
. Retain reading, and I’ll
explain why.

Vacuuming Glass: Can You Do It?

Since you’re here, you’ve might be broken
something made from glass — and you want to clean it up quickly. Perhaps you’ve
looked for suggestion somewhere else or asked friends and family what they think. If so,
you’re in all likelihood aware that many people
recommend against vacuuming glass

Glass Can Harm Your Vacuum Cleaner

It’s true that vacuuming glass can damage your vacuum cleaner. Huge portions of damaged glass are particularly damaging, but your vacuum cleaner might be ruined by means of smaller shards too.

Glass can harm your vacuum purifier within the following ways:

  • Puncture or tear the bag
  • Break or jam brushes
  • Ruin the air filter
  • Damage the motor and/or fans

As you could see, shards of glass that enter your vacuum can wreak severe havoc on
hard-to-replace components
. While confronted with that sort of damage, it’s easy
to recognize why some persons propose against taking the sort of risk.

Vacuum Cleaner Can Unfold Glass Around

After cleansing up, there’s nothing more
frustrating than finding leftover glass — especially if your bare foot makes
the discovery! You ought to know that vacuum
cleaners can unfold glass around instead than suck it all up

Vacuum cleaners with long hoses are the main
culprit in spreading glass. If your
vacuum has a protracted hose, glass shards can get trapped inside
. These shards
will fall out later, as soon as the vacuum is no longer running.

Bits of
glass could also get stuck in your vacuum cleaner’s nozzle or brush
. Those portions can fall out the next time you use your vacuum. If
you’re no longer careful, you’ll be finding glass shards throughout the house!

Newer Vacuums Are Bigger at Cleaning Glass

Despite what I pronounced above, not all vacuum cleaners are created equal.
You be aware of that vacuum that your mom swears with the aid of — the one that’s older than
you? As good as it is, that older vacuum cleanser isn’t almost as powerful as
the ones you could purchase today.

When somebody advises you against vacuuming
glass, they’re repeating old information. While it’s actual that older
vacuum cleaners aren’t up to the task of sucking up broken glass, newer types can handle it simply fine.
That is, of course, if they’re strong enough.

If you’ve an older vacuum purifier that you’d desire to replace, search for anything like the Bissel Cleanview. A vacuum like it is tremendous for cleansing up broken glass — it doesn’t have a bag, and its brushes won’t kick up debris like older types do.

How to Competently Vacuum Damaged Glass

Let’s say that you’ve the latest and
greatest vacuum cleaner. If a consuming glass shatters on your kitchen floor,
you ought to be capable of grab your vacuum and begin cleansing — right?

Well, not quite! There are a few things you ought to do to deal with damaged glass, even if you have a more moderen vacuum cleaner:

1. Put on Shoes

Obviously, you should genuinely put on footwear when cleaning up broken glass.
Flip-flops or slippers aren’t enough — closed-toed footwear are always finest for
walking on or around glass shard-infested surfaces.

Aside from being painful if stepped on, broken glass can trigger critical injuries.
Slicing your foot open would imply a trip to the ER and a collection of stitches.
Smaller shards perhaps hard to remove, and they are able to trigger an infection if they’re
left on my own for too long.

2. Pick up Bigger Glass Shards

No matter how strong your vacuum cleaner is,
it won’t be capable of suck up large pieces of broken glass. You’ll need to collect the biggest portions with the aid of hand or with a broom as a way to avoid clogging or hazardous your vacuum.

But don’t attain for that shard simply but — always put on gloves earlier than dealing with broken glass. Thick latex gloves for kitchen or backyard ought to preserve you from cuts. Be careful — particularly pointy shards can nonetheless pierce gloves and go away you with a bad wound.

3. Use a Brush and Dustpan

If you’re no longer happy with dealing with broken glass directly, you could also use a brush and dustpan. Brushes can capture smaller shards, so shake your brush out adequately after sweeping. You don’t want these pieces falling out later!

No topic which method you use, don’t kneel on the floor when damaged glass
is around
. It’s safer to squat down — you’ll preserve your legs and knees out
of harm’s way!

4. Vacuum the Closing Glass

Now that you’ve dealt with the larger pieces
of damaged glass, it should be secure to start vacuuming up the rest. If you have a more recent vacuum cleaner, just
vacuum like you often would
. You should start on a decrease energy placing —
large shards will be less likely to harm your vacuum if its motor isn’t
spinning too fast.

You can nonetheless use an older vacuum to pick up
glass — just disguise the hose with an old
. The sock will acquire glass shards and maintain them from entering your
vacuum. Throw the sock away after you’re finished — don’t even think about
wearing it ever again!


If you need to deal with damaged glass and
don’t want to waste a large number of time, it’s
definitely possible to vacuum glass
! Do it carefully, and your ground will
be clear and safe in no time.

If you broke a glass filled with wine or something else that leaves stubborn stains, then my publications to natural carpet cleaners or cleaning with vinegar might actually help make your carpet appear good as new!