Best Primer To Cover Drywall Imperfections Top 4 Picks Amp Buyers Guide

Primers are used as an undercoat for various sorts of paint. Their texture is glue-like, and they’re capable to persist with all types of materials and cause them to tender enough to color over. That being said, some materials are trickier to paintings with than others. So there are relatively some matters that make finding the finest primer to hide drywall imperfections now not that straightforward.

For example, drywall absorbs paint differently than different materials, so the paint would pop out patchy. Drywall primers have a unique formula that will make a world of difference when it comes to utilising a good, tender layer of paint.

However, until you’re an expert, discovering the best primer for the job might appear as if an not possible feat, yet I’m here to help. During this article, I’ll inform you what capabilities to look for so as to figure among the best and the worst primers. But if you’re searching for a brief recommendation, you can use any of right here items to hide drywall imperfections.

1. Rust-Oleum 2004 Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 White Water-Based Primer Sealer

Rust-Oleum offers a water-based primer that you could use for the two outside and interior application. This primer is relatively long lasting and might cover as much as a hundred square ft of drywall in line with quart. Rust-Oleum 2004 Zinsser can avert peeling, blistering, and mould growth and is perfect for pH-high surfaces (such as clean concrete).

In addition to utilising it on drywall, you can use Rust-Oleum on glass, tile, concrete, plaster, and metallic surfaces. You can also get the product as an aerosol
spray paint
formula to get into all nooks and crannies. You won’t even must sand down such a lot surfaces before applying the product. Also, when you finish employing Rust-Oleum 2004 Zinsser, you clear the surface using simply water and soap.

What I enjoy most approximately Rust-Oleum’s primer is that it gives amazing protection and lovely colour and sheen. Also, it’s among the few products that won’t flip yellow after a while.

The simply thing to remember with this primer is that it emits enormously strong fumes. So you should only use it in a well-ventilated room and preferably with a mask.


  • Easy to use
  • Great coverage
  • Versatile


  • Not a fill primer
  • Potent fumes

2. The Rust-Oleum Company 01501 Drywall Primer

Even though The Rust-Oleum Corporation 01501 is excellent for such a lot drywall applications, it’s excellent for tender walls. Moreover, in addition to priming your wall, it will additionally seal the tape joints and make sanding a lot easier. Despite the fact that this primer probable won’t hide any totally large imperfections, it is going to be perfect for smoothing down the smaller ones.

This high build primer is rather fast-drying
and won’t take greater than an hour to create a permanent seal. Moreover, Rust-Oleum Company 01501 is
so quick-drying that it helps you to best and paint your drywall within the
same day.

Rust-Oleum Corporation 01501 will make your paint job look enormously smooth
and as if it’s been professionally laid down. However, this primer is
known to be a bit watery, so you might have to apply numerous layers.


  • Fast-drying
  • Seals seams and joints


  • Only covers small imperfections
  • Not very thick

3. The Dap 12374 Crack Shot Spackling Indoors & Outside Primer

The Dap 12374 Crack Shot Spackling is a thick knife grade primer paste that allows you to hide all imperfections — massive and small. Because the texture of this high-build primer resembles mud, it’s usually used for naked wall application. However, you may also use it to coat smooth partitions once they don’t turn out to be seeking the style you wanted.

One of the functions I have fun with the most about this primer is how simple it is to use. When you buy the product, you won’t actually have to mix it or prep it — you’ll be capable of start applying it immediately away. Also, as soon as you’ve applied The Dap over your drywall, you can sand it down and get an incredibly smooth finish.

The only downside to The Dap 12374 Crack Shot Spackling is that it’s going to dry out on its possess over time. So if you’re planning on keeping
the product in its original kit — don’t anticipate it to last. Still, you can
slow the drying strategy with the aid of putting it inside of a zip-lock bag.

Overall, this incredibly simple primer can be utilized to hide drywall imperfections for anyone wanting a quick fix. However, you ought to consider investing in
a one of a kind product with a view to get a soft floor with no need to sand it down.


  • Pre-mixed
  • Great for covering major imperfections
  • Easy application


  • Can dry off if stored in the original package
  • Not as remarkable for small info and surfaces

4. KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Stain Blocking Interior & Exterior Latex Primer, Sealer

KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Stain Blockading Primer/Sealer is water-based and relatively reliable in terms of covering drywall imperfections. It’s thick and sturdy enough to prevent any stains and adjustments in color, on the two interior and outside surfaces. Also, this primer/sealer is reliable and rather adhesive.

In addition to drywall, you may additionally use it on brick, painted metal, wood, paneling, and plaster. One gallon of KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Stain Blockading Primer/Sealer can cover anyplace from 300–400 feet with a one-gallon package. It could guard the target floor from distinct types of mold, and since it’s so sticky, you’ll have to use fewer coats whilst utilising it.

You’ll need to combine it well previously and use a spray, roller, or brush to coat the drywall to apply this primer. Then, deliver it approximately one hour to dry off before recoating the surface.

However, keep in mind that you’ll have to tender the primer/sealer out in no fewer than 30 seconds after employing it. In case you don’t, the product would preserve sticking again to the brush you’re using, which would make your activity much harder.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • You can apply it to the two indoors and outside surfaces
  • Reliable


  • Needs to be combined beforehand
  • Requires you to paintings quickly

Primer for Drywall Imperfections – Buyer’s Guide

If you don’t assume any of the goods I’ve listed in this article is going to give you the results you want or in an effort to be aware of more about primers in general, here’s your chance. In the following section, I’ll inform you what standards you have got to keep an eye fixed out for when seeking the finest primer to hide drywall imperfections.

The Texture of the Primer

The texture of your primer will greatly impact how well you’re able to hide drywall imperfections. If you’re searching for an incredibly soft finish, using a high-build primer is a must. These are thicker than other types and allow you to fill in any holes, bubbles, and caps that are messing up your wall. For a lot of these jobs, I recommend utilizing either the Rust-Oleum Corporation 01501 or The Dap 12374 primer.

That being said, in case you already love the texture and slight imperfections your wall comes with, you can use a standard drywall primer. That way, you won’t lose any of the small facts in your wall. However, make certain you’re applying even layers of primer to preclude causing any blemishes or color changes.

The Sort of Primer

By selecting the ideal form of primer to cover your drywall imperfections, you’ll have the ability to make sure that the result’s a professional-looking paint job.

First of all, regular primers are simply meant to bond with the drywall, so they probably won’t leave the smoothest finish behind. So if you’re dealing with some temperamental drywall that still has ridges and marks even after you’ve sanded it down, you’ll need a high-build primer.

On any other hand, you can use spackling paste if you need a quick and soiled product to prime the drywall. Even although this answer isn’t the foremost precise,  you’ll have the ability to change the feel of the surface quickly after applying the product.

Also, you must use a sealer if you don’t desire to change the color of the plaster. A sealer will go away a clear layer of coat in the back of and forestall moisture from getting during the drywall.

Finally, you can cross with a latex primer in an effort to even out the porosity of the drywall. However, keep in mind that some deep imperfections likely won’t take up the paint as good in case you use a latex primer.

Pro Tip:

Primers come with a paint-by expiration date of sorts, which means they’ll simply have the ability to bond with paint for a definite period. So you should always paint the drywall inside no more than two days of utilizing the primer. In an effort to learn how long you wish to attend between utilising a primer and a layer of paint, you can check out this article.


Unless you’re planning to depart a wall totally naked and colorless, using a primer is a must. Moreover, it’s the only manner of making sure you get a good color match, in addition to preclude mold progress in your walls.

That being said, you have to use drywall-specific primers whilst you’re trying to cover imperfections on drywall. These products are specially made to ensure the best, such a lot long-lasting outcome possible.

Hopefully, this text allows you find a drywall primer for your particular project. If not, at least you know what to seek for in your search for the best primer to cover drywall imperfections.