How To Type Copyright Symbol On A Mac

Have you ever needed to type the copyright symbol on your Mac but just couldn’t figure out how to do it? Look no further! In this article, we’ll go over the different methods you can use to easily type the copyright symbol on your Mac.

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcut

The easiest way to type the copyright symbol on a Mac is by using a keyboard shortcut. Simply press and hold the “Option” key while pressing the “G” key. This will insert the copyright symbol wherever your cursor is located. How to type copyright symbol on a mac? It’s as simple as that!

Pro Tip:

If you find yourself frequently needing to type the copyright symbol, you can create a keyboard shortcut for it. Go to “System Preferences”> “Keyboard”> “Text” and click on the “+” button to add a new shortcut. Type “©” in the “Replace” field and your desired keyboard shortcut in the “With” field.

Method 2: Character Viewer

If you don’t want to memorize a keyboard shortcut, you can also use the Character Viewer to insert the copyright symbol. To access the Character Viewer, click on the Apple menu > “System Preferences”> “Keyboard” and check the box next to “Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar.” Then, click on the icon in your menu bar that looks like a command key and select “Show Emoji & Symbols.” In the search bar, type “copyright” and select the copyright symbol from the results. Finally, click “Insert” to add the symbol to your document.

Pro Tip:

You can also use the Character Viewer to insert other symbols, such as the trademark symbol (™), the registered trademark symbol (®), and the degree symbol (°).

Method 3: Copy and Paste

If all else fails, you can always copy and paste the copyright symbol from another document or website. Simply select the symbol, press “Command” + “C” to copy it, and “Command” + “V” to paste it wherever you need it.

Pro Tip:

Be careful when copying and pasting symbols from other sources. Sometimes, they may not appear correctly or may contain hidden formatting that can cause issues in your document.

FAQ About How to Type Copyright Symbol on a Mac

Q: Can I create a keyboard shortcut for other symbols?

Yes! You can create a keyboard shortcut for any symbol or piece of text that you frequently use.

Q: Is it possible to insert the copyright symbol in a different font than the rest of my text?

Yes! You can select the copyright symbol and change its font, size, and color just like you would with any other text.

Q: Can I use the copyright symbol in my own work?

Yes, you can use the copyright symbol to indicate that you are the owner of a particular work. However, there are some limitations and exceptions to copyright law that you should be aware of.


Now that you know how to type the copyright symbol on a Mac, you can easily add it to your documents and impress your colleagues with your keyboard wizardry. Whether you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, the Character Viewer, or copy and paste, there’s a method that will work for you. So go forth and type with confidence! How to type copyright symbol on a mac? It’s a piece of cake.