How To Record Conversation On Android

Recording conversations on Android has become an essential requirement for many people in different situations. Whether you’re recording an interview, a meeting, or a phone conversation, the process is quite simple. In this article, we will guide you on how to record conversation on android.

How to Record Phone Calls on Android?

Recording phone calls is a standard feature on Android devices. However, some devices don’t have this feature, so you need to download a third-party app to enable this feature. Here are the steps to record phone calls on Android:

Step 1: Download a Call Recording App

The first step is to download a call recording app from the Google Play Store. There are many free and paid apps available, so choose one that suits your requirements.

Step 2: Install the App and Grant Permissions

After downloading the app, install it and grant the necessary permissions to access your phone’s microphone and storage.

Step 3: Enable Call Recording

Once the app is installed, you can enable call recording in the app’s settings. Some apps might automatically start recording your calls without any further configuration.

Step 4: Start Recording

After configuring the app, start a phone call, and the app will automatically start recording the conversation. You can stop the recording by ending the call or tapping the recording button in the app.

How to Record Audio on Android?

Apart from recording phone calls, you can also record audio on your Android device using the built-in voice recorder or a third-party app. Here’s how you can record audio on Android:

Step 1: Open the Voice Recorder App

Most Android devices come with a built-in voice recorder app. Open the app and tap the record button to start recording.

Step 2: Configure the Settings

Before recording, you can configure the settings such as the recording quality, file format, and storage location.

Step 3: Start Recording

After configuring the settings, start recording by tapping the record button. You can pause and resume the recording as required.

Step 4: Stop Recording and Save the File

After finishing the recording, tap the stop button, and the app will save the recording to your device’s storage.

FAQs Related to How to Record Conversation on Android

Q: Is it Legal to Record Conversations on Android?

A: The legality of recording conversations varies from country to country. In some countries, you can record conversations with the consent of all parties involved, while in others, you need to inform the other party before recording.

Q: Can I Record Calls on Android without the Other Person Knowing?

A: In most countries, it’s illegal to record calls without the other person’s consent. However, some call recording apps allow you to record calls without notifying the other person. We advise you to check your local laws before recording any calls.

Q: Can I Record Conversations on Android in High Quality?

A: Yes, you can record conversations on Android in high quality by adjusting the recording settings in the app.


Recording conversations on Android is a useful feature that can be used in various situations. Whether you’re a journalist, a lawyer, or a student, recording conversations can provide valuable information. However, it’s important to check your local laws before recording any conversation. We hope this article has helped you understand how to record conversation on Android.