How To Make A Paper In Minecraft

In Minecraft, players can create various items and tools to help them in their gameplay. One of the most important items that players need is paper. Paper is used to make books, maps, and fireworks. Here’s a guide on how to make a paper in Minecraft.

Getting Started

To make a paper in Minecraft, you will need to gather a few resources. You will need sugar cane, which can be found growing near water. You will also need a crafting table, which can be crafted from 4 wooden planks. Once you have these resources, you are ready to start making paper.

Growing Sugar Cane

To start making paper, you will need to grow sugar cane. Sugar cane can be found growing near water, and it looks like tall, green stalks. To harvest sugar cane, you simply need to break the stalks. Once you have harvested some sugar cane, you can start turning it into paper.

Making Paper

To make paper, you will need to craft it using sugar cane. To do this, open your crafting table and place three sugar cane in a horizontal row. This will give you three sheets of paper. You can repeat this process to create as much paper as you need.


What can I use paper for?

Paper can be used to make books, maps, and fireworks. Books can be used to store written works, while maps can help you navigate your Minecraft world. Fireworks can be used to celebrate special occasions.

Can I use anything else besides sugar cane to make paper?

No, sugar cane is the only resource that can be used to make paper in Minecraft.

How much sugar cane do I need to make paper?

You will need three pieces of sugar cane to make one sheet of paper. This means that you will need nine pieces of sugar cane to make three sheets of paper.

Can I sell paper to other players?

Yes, you can sell paper to other players in multiplayer Minecraft servers. Paper is a valuable resource, so you may be able to make a good profit by selling it.


Paper is an important resource in Minecraft, as it can be used to create various items and tools. By following this guide, you can easily make paper using sugar cane. Remember to grow enough sugar cane so that you have a steady supply of paper. Have fun exploring the possibilities that paper can bring to your Minecraft gameplay!