How To Increase Snap Score Fast

How to Increase Snap Score Fast Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms these days. Everyone loves to snap and share their moments with friends and family. But, have you ever wondered how to increase snap score fast? If you want to get more followers and improve your snap score, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks to help you increase your snap score fast.

What is Snap Score?

Before we dive into the ways to increase snap score fast, let’s first understand what snap score is. Snap score is a numerical representation of your Snapchat activity. It is the sum of the snaps you have sent and received, as well as the stories you have posted. The more you use Snapchat, the higher your snap score will be.

How to Increase Snap Score Fast?

Now that you know what snap score is, let’s discuss some tips to increase it fast.

1. Send Snaps to Your Friends

One of the easiest ways to increase snap score fast is to send snaps to your friends. The more snaps you send, the more points you will earn. Make sure to send snaps to your close friends, as they are more likely to send snaps back.

2. Post Stories Regularly

Posting stories regularly is another great way to increase snap score fast. When you post a story, your friends will view it, and you will earn points. Make sure to post interesting and engaging stories to keep your friends interested.

3. Snap Streaks

Snap streaks are a fun way to increase snap score fast. A snap streak is when you and your friend send snaps to each other every day for a certain period. The longer the snap streak, the more points you will earn.

4. Use Filters and Lenses

Using filters and lenses in your snaps is another way to increase snap score fast. Filters and lenses make your snaps more interesting and engaging, which will encourage your friends to send snaps back.

5. Add More Friends

Adding more friends is a simple way to increase snap score fast. The more friends you have, the more snaps and stories you will receive, which will increase your snap score.

6. Participate in Challenges

Participating in challenges is a fun way to increase snap score fast. Snapchat often hosts challenges where users can participate and earn points. Make sure to participate in these challenges to increase your snap score.


1. How can I check my snap score?

You can check your snap score by opening Snapchat and swiping down on the camera screen. Your snap score will be displayed next to your username.

2. Does deleting snaps affect my snap score?

No, deleting snaps does not affect your snap score.

3. Can I buy snap score?

No, you cannot buy snap score. Your snap score is based on your Snapchat activity.

4. How often should I send snaps to increase my snap score?

Sending snaps regularly is the key to increasing your snap score. Try to send snaps every day to keep your snap score increasing.


Increasing snap score fast is easy if you follow these tips and tricks. Make sure to send snaps to your friends, post stories regularly, participate in challenges, and use filters and lenses to make your snaps more interesting. With these simple steps, you will see your snap score increasing in no time.