How To Get Nametags In Minecraft

How to Get Nametags in Minecraft

If you’re a Minecraft player, you know that there are many items and tools you need to collect to survive and thrive in the game. One of these items is nametags, which are used to name and identify mobs. In this article, we’ll show you how to get nametags in Minecraft.

What are Nametags?

Nametags are items that allow players to name and identify mobs in Minecraft. They are essential for keeping track of different mobs, particularly in large farms or breeding operations. Nametags can be used to name a variety of mobs, including villagers, pets, and even hostile mobs like zombies and skeletons.

How to Get Nametags in Minecraft

Now that you know what nametags are used for, let’s take a look at how to get them in Minecraft. There are several ways to obtain nametags, including:

1. Fishing

One way to get nametags is by fishing. Nametags have a chance of being caught as a treasure item when fishing with a fishing rod. However, the chances of catching a nametag are relatively low, so you may need to do a lot of fishing before you get one.

2. Trading with Villagers

Another way to get nametags is by trading with villagers. Librarian villagers have a chance of offering nametags as a trade, but this will only be available once the villager has been leveled up.

3. Finding Them in Dungeons and Mineshafts

Nametags can also be found in chests located in dungeons and mineshafts. These chests are randomly generated, so you may need to explore a few before you find one with a nametag.

4. Killing Mobs

Finally, nametags can be obtained by killing mobs. However, this is a rare drop and you may need to kill a lot of mobs before you get a nametag.

FAQs About Getting Nametags in Minecraft

Q: How rare are nametags in Minecraft?

A: Nametags are considered a rare item in Minecraft, with a low chance of being obtained through fishing, trading, or killing mobs.

Q: How many nametags can you get from fishing?

A: You can only catch one nametag at a time when fishing in Minecraft.

Q: Are nametags renewable in Minecraft?

A: Yes, nametags can be obtained through trading with villagers, which is a renewable source.

Q: Can nametags be used on any mob in Minecraft?

A: Yes, nametags can be used on any mob in Minecraft, including villagers, pets, and hostile mobs.


Now that you know how to get nametags in Minecraft, you can start using them to name and identify your mobs. Whether you choose to fish for them, trade with villagers, or explore dungeons and mineshafts, nametags are an essential item for any serious Minecraft player.