How To Get Bees In A Beehive Minecraft

How to Get Bees in a Beehive Minecraft

Are you wondering how to get bees in a beehive Minecraft? Look no further! This guide will walk you through the steps to successfully attract and manage your own bees in Minecraft.

Step 1: Finding a Beehive

The first step in getting bees in a beehive Minecraft is finding a beehive. Beehives can be found in flower forests, plains, and sunflower plains biomes. They can also be found in village structures.


Use a silk touch tool to pick up a beehive and move it to your desired location. This will also prevent the bees from becoming angry and attacking you.

Step 2: Attracting Bees

Now that you have a beehive, you need to attract bees to it. Bees are attracted to flowers, so plant flowers near the beehive. You can also use bonemeal to grow flowers quickly.


Make sure the beehive has at least two blocks of space around it. Bees need room to fly in and out of the hive.

Step 3: Collecting Honey

Once you have attracted bees to the beehive, you can start collecting honey. To do this, use an empty glass bottle on the beehive while the bees are inside. The bees will become angry and attack, so make sure you have a weapon to defend yourself.


Use a smoker on the beehive to calm the bees before collecting honey. This will prevent them from attacking.

Step 4: Breeding Bees

To breed bees, you need to have at least two bees near the beehive. You also need to have flowers nearby. Bees will breed when they have pollen from a flower in their inventory.


Use shears on a beehive to collect honeycomb. You can use honeycomb to make beehives or craft honey blocks.


Q: Can bees be tamed in Minecraft?

A: No, bees cannot be tamed in Minecraft. However, you can use flowers to attract them to a beehive.

Q: How many bees can fit in a beehive?

A: A beehive can hold up to three bees.

Q: What do you do with honey in Minecraft?

A: Honey can be used to make honey blocks, which can be used for decoration or as a redstone signal.

Q: Can bees die in Minecraft?

A: Yes, bees can die in Minecraft. They can die from drowning, suffocation, or attacks from other mobs.


Getting bees in a beehive Minecraft is a fun and rewarding experience. By following these steps, you can attract and manage your own bees, collect honey, and even breed them. Happy beekeeping!