How To Delete A Chat In Teams

In today’s world, communication has become an essential part of our daily routine. With the advancements in technology, we have numerous options to communicate with our colleagues, friends, and family. Microsoft Teams is one such tool that has made our work life easier. It is a platform where we can chat, call, and collaborate with our team members. However, sometimes we may need to delete a chat in teams due to various reasons. In this article, we will discuss how to delete a chat in teams.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that is used for communication and collaboration within organizations. It is a tool that has helped many companies to work remotely. Microsoft Teams allows users to chat, call, share files, and collaborate with their team members.

Why would someone want to delete a chat in Teams?

There can be several reasons why someone would want to delete a chat in Teams. It could be because of a mistake in sending a message, the chat is no longer relevant, or it contains sensitive information that needs to be deleted.

How to Delete a Chat in Teams?

Now that we understand the importance of deleting a chat in Teams, let’s discuss how to do it. Follow the steps below to delete a chat in Teams.

Step 1:

Open the Teams app and navigate to the chat that you want to delete.

Step 2:

Hover over the chat that you want to delete, and you will see three dots appearing on the right side of the chat.

Step 3:

Click on the three dots, and a dropdown menu will appear.

Step 4:

Click on the ‘Delete’ option from the dropdown menu.

Step 5:

A confirmation message will appear on the screen asking if you want to delete the chat. Click on the ‘Delete’ button to confirm.

Step 6:

The chat will now be deleted from your Teams app.

FAQs related to how to delete a chat in Teams:

Q1. Can I recover a chat that I have deleted in Teams?

Yes, you can recover a chat that you have deleted in Teams. However, you need to do it within 30 days of deleting the chat. To recover a chat, navigate to the ‘Deleted’ folder in Teams and select the chat that you want to recover. Click on the ‘Restore’ button, and the chat will be restored.

Q2. Can I delete a chat for everyone in Teams?

Yes, you can delete a chat for everyone in Teams. However, this option is only available for chats that were sent within the last 24 hours. To delete a chat for everyone, hover over the chat and click on the ‘Delete for everyone’ option.

Q3. Will the chat be deleted permanently?

Yes, the chat will be deleted permanently. However, as mentioned earlier, you can recover the chat within 30 days of deleting it.


In conclusion, deleting a chat in Teams is a simple and straightforward process. It is essential to delete chats that are no longer relevant or contain sensitive information. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily delete a chat in Teams.