How To Change Siri Nickname

Siri is a virtual assistant developed by Apple Inc. that uses voice queries to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions. Siri has become an integral part of Apple devices, and users can personalize it by changing its nickname. In this article, we will go through the steps to change Siri nickname. So, let’s get started with how to change Siri nickname.

Step 1: Access Siri settings

To change Siri nickname, you need to access Siri settings on your Apple device. You can do this by going to Settings > Siri & Search. Once you are in the Siri settings, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Tap on My Information

In the Siri settings, you will see various options. Tap on My Information, and it will take you to your contact list.

Step 3: Select Your Contact

In the contact list, select your name, and it will take you to your contact card.

Step 4: Tap on Edit

On your contact card, you will see an option to edit. Tap on Edit, and it will take you to the edit screen.

Step 5: Tap on First Name Field

On the edit screen, you will see various fields like First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email, etc. Tap on the First Name field.

Step 6: Change Siri Nickname

In the First Name field, you can change your Siri nickname. You can enter any name you like, and Siri will start calling you by that name.

Step 7: Save Changes

After changing the Siri nickname, don’t forget to save the changes by tapping on the Save button.

FAQs Related to How to Change Siri Nickname

1. Can I change Siri nickname on all Apple devices?

Yes, you can change Siri nickname on all Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

2. Can I change Siri nickname to anything?

Yes, you can change Siri nickname to anything you like, but it should not be offensive or vulgar.

3. Will Siri call me by my nickname all the time?

Yes, Siri will call you by your nickname all the time, but you can also use your real name to address Siri.

4. Can I change Siri voice along with the nickname?

No, you cannot change Siri voice along with the nickname. However, you can change Siri voice in the Siri settings.


Changing Siri nickname is a simple process, and it allows you to personalize your virtual assistant. You can change Siri nickname on all Apple devices, and you can choose any name you like. So, go ahead and change your Siri nickname to something that suits your personality. We hope this article on how to change Siri nickname was helpful to you.