How To Change How Long Your Phone Stays On

When it comes to using your phone, one of the most important settings to pay attention to is how long the screen stays on. Not only does this affect your battery life, but it can also impact your productivity and convenience. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to change how long your phone stays on.

Why Change Your Phone’s Screen Timeout?

By default, most phones will turn off the screen after a certain amount of time to save battery. However, this default setting might not be ideal for everyone. For example, if you’re reading a long article or watching a video, you don’t want your phone to turn off in the middle of it. Changing your phone’s screen timeout can also help you save battery life or make it more convenient to use your phone.

How to Change Your Phone’s Screen Timeout

The process of changing your phone’s screen timeout will depend on the type of phone you have. However, the basic steps are usually the same: 1. Open the Settings app on your phone. 2. Look for the “Display” or “Screen” option. 3. Select “Screen timeout” or “Sleep”. 4. Choose the amount of time you want your screen to stay on before turning off.

FAQs About Changing Your Phone’s Screen Timeout

How long should I set my screen timeout?

This will depend on your personal preferences and usage habits. If you want to save battery life, you can set your screen timeout to a shorter time period. If you’re using your phone for reading or watching videos, you might want to set it to a longer time period.

Can I set different screen timeouts for different apps?

Some phones and apps allow you to set different screen timeouts for different apps. Check your phone’s settings or the specific app’s settings to see if this is an option.

What if I don’t see the option to change my screen timeout?

If you don’t see the option to change your screen timeout, it might be located in a different part of your phone’s settings. Try using the search function in your settings app to find it, or check your phone’s user manual for more information.


Changing your phone’s screen timeout is a simple but important task that can have a big impact on your phone’s battery life and convenience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily customize your phone’s screen timeout to your personal preferences.