How To Change Google Theme

Google is one of the most popular search engines used by people all around the world. Although Google offers a variety of features, users often get bored with the default theme. But, did you know that you can change Google’s theme? Yes, you heard it right! In this article, we will discuss how to change Google theme.

Why Change Google Theme?

Google’s default theme is plain and simple. It might not be appealing to everyone. By changing the theme, you can make Google look more attractive and personalized. It can also help you to reduce eye strain.

Steps to Change Google Theme

Now, let’s get started with the steps to change Google theme.

Step 1: Open

To change Google theme, you need to open on your web browser.

Step 2: Click on Settings

On the bottom right corner of the Google homepage, you will see the “Settings” icon. Click on it.

Step 3: Click on “Themes”

After clicking on “Settings,” you will see a list of options. Click on “Themes.”

Step 4: Choose a Theme

Google offers a variety of themes to choose from. You can select any theme you like by clicking on it. You can also upload your own image to set it as a theme.

Step 5: Save Changes

After selecting the theme, click on “Save” to apply the changes. Now, you will see the new theme on your Google homepage.

FAQs about How to Change Google Theme

Q: Can I change Google theme on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can change Google theme on your mobile phone by following the same steps as mentioned above.

Q: Can I change Google theme to my own picture?

Yes, you can upload your own picture to set it as a Google theme.

Q: Can I remove the Google theme?

Yes, you can remove the Google theme by selecting the “Classic” option under the “Themes” settings.


Changing Google theme is easy and can make your browsing experience more enjoyable. By following the steps mentioned above, you can personalize your Google homepage to your liking. So, go ahead and change your Google theme now!