How To Cancel Itunes Subscription

It is common to subscribe to various services on iTunes such as music, TV shows, and movies. However, sometimes we no longer require these subscriptions or need to cancel them due to various reasons. In this blog, we will discuss how to cancel iTunes subscription in simple steps.

Step 1: Open iTunes

The first step to cancel iTunes subscription is to open the iTunes app on your device. You can do this by selecting the iTunes icon from your home screen or by searching for it in your app library.

Step 2: View Your Account

Once you have opened iTunes, you will need to view your account details. To do this, click on the “Account” tab located at the top of the iTunes window. You will need to enter your Apple ID and password to access your account.

Step 3: Go to Subscription Tab

After accessing your account, you will need to select the “Subscription” tab, which will display all the subscriptions that you have currently subscribed to.

Step 4: Select the Subscription to Be Cancelled

You will need to select the subscription that you want to cancel from the list of active subscriptions. Once you select the subscription, you will see the option to cancel it.

Step 5: Confirm Cancellation

After selecting the subscription to be cancelled, you will need to confirm the cancellation. You will see an option to “Cancel Subscription” which will ask for your confirmation. Click the button to confirm the cancellation.

Step 6: Check Subscription Status

After you have canceled your subscription, you should check the status of your subscription to ensure that it has been successfully cancelled. You can do this by going back to the “Subscription” tab and looking for the cancelled subscription.

FAQs Related to How to Cancel iTunes Subscription:

1. Can I Cancel My Subscription at Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time you want. You will continue to have access to the subscription content until the end of the current billing period.

2. Will I Get a Refund After Cancelling My Subscription?

No, you will not be refunded after cancelling your subscription. You will continue to have access to the subscription content until the end of the current billing period.

3. Will My Subscription Automatically Renew After I Cancel It?

No, your subscription will not automatically renew after you cancel it. You will need to resubscribe if you want to continue using the service.


Cancelling iTunes subscription is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. If you no longer require a subscription or need to cancel it for any reason, follow the steps mentioned above to cancel it quickly and efficiently. Remember to check the subscription status after cancelling to ensure that it has been successfully cancelled.