Best Video Call App

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BIGO LIVE has over 200 million users. It lets you go live not just for chatting but also for showcasing your talent. This makes it great for becoming popular. You can go for live video chat and it also comes with a drop-in audio chat feature. The app also lets you stream live games or watch other gamers play. This app is available in over 150 countries which increases your chance of becoming viral.

Holla Moving down the list, we have Holla – an uncomplicated and chance-driven video chat application connecting you with strangers. The app boasts nostalgic themes that permeate both the home screen and direct conversations.┬áRegistering for Holla is a straightforward process. You can effortlessly create an account using your mobile number, Google credentials, or other social logins. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be directed to the home screen, presenting you with two distinct options to explore.

Video chatting has become a beloved way of connecting with others, and having a random video chat app in hand eliminates the need to have their contact saved. With such an app, you can engage in free video conversations with individuals globally, regardless of whether they’re on your contact list. These applications come brimming with a variety of features that ensure secure and private video chats. Moreover, they offer a fantastic opportunity to forge new friendships and gain popularity.